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Welcome to Harlequin Counterculture, the free space for writers of gay and lesbian romance and erotic fiction. Post pictures, fiction, plot, and discussion. Everyone needs a little inspiration!

The rules:

1. All images and fiction must be placed under a lj-cut (<*lj-cut*>text here<*/lj-cut*> Just remove the *.) This is for the sake of everyone's friend lists.

2. Since this is a primarily adult-oriented community, all mature content must be friend-locked. Keeps naughty material away from the children. Impressionable minds and such.

3. You must be of legal age to view adult material in your country to join. I'm going to go on the honor system on this one and I won't be super strict about it, but just don't go flaunting the fact that you're underage (i.e. omg my mom would kill me if she caught me looking at this! lol!) in posts.

4. Posts should be on topic. Use your best judgment on this one.

5. No flaming/snarking/being an asshole. This is supposed to be a fun and judgment free place. You will get one warning and the chance to delete your entry. After that I will do it, and you will be banned from the community. This is the one rule I will be seriously strict about.

6. Have fun! This community was created as a place for writers of homoerotica and romance to discuss, post, and get feeback and input from others like them.

Any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch with me desdemona_marx. You can email or message me, or drop by my journal.